Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

The majority of our clients are small businesses selling services, for example, retail stores, interior design services, Internet startups, etc. Our approach at Stride is to not overwhelm small businesses, but to map out a winning strategy that established the necessary systems based on their budget so they can start the process of building out their marketing as they grow. 

A great website and solid online presence (brand) are two key components a small business needs to establish (Build) first. This is the first step of the BIG Stride system that is needed for marketing to be successful. With the foundation in place, we start to work on improving (Improve) visibility and growing (Grow) business through more focused marketing, content development, and lead generation.

BIG Stride System


Make sure all branding (logo, fonts, icons, social media, etc), and brand messaging (vision and mission statement) accurately reflects what your organization is all about.


Build a responsive WordPress website that establishes an online presence which supports your brand and is more visible.

  • create a user-friendly site structure
  • create a look and feel that not only looks good but  appeals to your target market
  • write content that sells with  a clear call to action
  • include imagery that is creative and engaging
  • doing basic page optimizations for search
  • set up tracking to capture analytics data


Create relevant and compelling content (blogs, posts, articles, checklists, videos) your audience relates to and find helpful.


Build your reputation via social media channels and look for new prospects to engage with and invite them to join your community. Create fans that will help spread the word about your business.


  • Build your email list stay in touch and upsell with your contacts.
  • Work on building better online search results and visibility with more focused search terms and local SEO.
  • Add basic online advertising.


Produce more content and media with the goal of positioning organization as as expert and thought leader with ebooks, infographics, webinars, presentations, videos and more.


Increase lead conversions on your contact forms or call to actions forms through online advertising (pay-per-click campaigns), email marketing, lead magnets, special offers, etc.


Develop a solid, automated process for finding qualified leads and moving them to a purchase decision using tools that manage and segment your contacts, track interaction and engagement.

Do more effective email marketing through targeting and long-term nurturing campaigns.